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Top 12 Bathroom Lighting Fixture Ideas

January 22nd, 2024 | 5 min read

By Christine Gauthier

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas white shower tile gold faucet custom built michigan

Planning the lighting for your bathroom remodel can be a daunting task, with many fixtures and options to consider. Ensuring that your choices provide both functionality and aesthetics can be challenging.

With 15+ years of experience, we understand the struggle of navigating through the myriad lighting options available and the desire for a well-lit space that complements your bathroom's design.

In this article, we'll guide you through various bathroom lighting fixture ideas, providing insights into what works best for different areas:

  1. Vanity Lights and Sconces
  2. Lighted Mirrors
  3. Ceiling Mount Fixtures
  4. Pendant Lights
  5. Recessed Lighting
  6. LED Strip Lighting
  7. Under-Cabinet Lighting
  8. Smart Lighting Systems
  9. Cove Lighting
  10. Track Lighting
  11. Vintage Fixtures
  12.  Mirror Cabinets with Integrated Lighting

Let's transform your bathroom into a well-lit haven that suits your needs and style:

1. Vanity Lights and Sconces: Fashionable Glow

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas vanity light and scones with sink custom built michigan

Picture yourself in your main bathroom, getting ready for the day. Vanity lights or sconces play a pivotal role in this space.

Installing these lights on each side of your mirror will lessen shadows, making activities like putting on makeup or shaving easier. Here are a few ways you can customize sconces to elevate your bathroom:

  • Balance and Symmetry for Design Purposes: This enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, creating a visually pleasing environment.
  • Separate Switches for More Lighting Control: Provides greater control over individual lighting levels, allowing you and your partner to save electricity.
  • Dimmable Functions: Installing dimmable functions offers the flexibility to adjust the brightness of your lights, creating the desired illumination and ambiance for various tasks or moods.

2. Lighted Mirrors: Sleek Illumination

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas lighted mirrors and vanities wood storage drawer custom built michigan

For a blend of modernity and practicality, consider lighted mirrors. With lights integrated around the edges, these mirrors not only serve a purpose but also contribute to the ambiance. You can customize your bathroom's design by choosing materials and finishes that add style and usefulness.

3. Ceiling Mount Fixtures: Customizable Lighting

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas ceiling mount fixtures custom built michigan

PC: The Home Depot

Ceiling mount fixtures, in flush mount or semi-flush mount styles, bring a classy vibe to your bathroom. Depending on your ceiling height, you can choose between these two options. Adding these fixtures to main bathrooms ensures they not only work well but also add an extra layer of elegance to your design.

4. Pendant Lights: Sophisticated Selections

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas pendant lights with baskets biophilic design custom built michigan

For a higher-end bathroom feel, pendant lights could be the answer. Hanging from the ceiling, these lights are more about creating a mood than serving as primary light sources.

Choose fixtures that can handle dampness or wet conditions to blend style and usefulness. Place them above vanities or sinks for a well-balanced design.

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas pendant light for mirror and faucet custom built michigan

5. Recessed Lighting: Dependable Practicality

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas recessed lights in bathroom with shower and bathtub custom built michigan

Recessed lighting is a versatile choice for bathrooms. They can add task lighting for shower areas and general overhead illumination.

Additionally, strategic placement can ensure even lighting and avoid shadows during essential tasks. Recessed lighting's flexibility lets you strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal.

6. LED Strip Lighting: Versatile Applications

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas led strip lights mirror and shower custom built michigan

PC: Homes & Gardens

Enter the world of LED strip lighting utilizing tape, a transformer box, and a diffuser. These strips provide versatility in design, suitable for various locations in your bathroom, such as:

  • Inside cabinets
  • Under floating vanities
  • Within niches in your shower

Routed-out channels offer a clean and modern aesthetic, integrating with contemporary bathroom designs.

7. Under-Cabinet Lighting: Enhanced Night Maneuverability

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas under cabinet lights custom built michigan

For added sophistication, consider under-cabinet lighting. Placed under the toe kick area, this lighting solution serves an aesthetic purpose. It offers subtle illumination, ensuring you can navigate your bathroom at night without extra lights. This addition enhances the ambiance, adding elegance to your bathroom design.

8. Smart Lighting Systems: Energy-Efficient Advancements

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas smart light systems using smartphone custom built michigan

Smart lighting systems usually work with home and outdoor lighting and can also light up bathrooms. Controlled through smartphones, they offer convenience, especially in households with children. Motion sensor lights help save energy, offering an efficient and modern lighting solution for your bathroom.

9. Cove Lighting: Spa-Like Radiance

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas cove lights near ceiling custom built michigan

PC: Homedit

Cove lighting is a clever way to infuse your bathroom with a soft, welcoming radiance. Putting lights in corners or indented spaces instead of directly shining them creates a soft glow around the room.

The result is a subtle ambiance that feels inviting and comfortable. Cove lighting is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a calm and soothing environment.

10. Track Lighting: Adjustable Personalization

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas track lights above mirror custom built michigan

PC: Wayfair

Regarding versatility in bathroom lighting, track lighting takes the spotlight. Featuring adjustable fixtures mounted on a track, this lighting solution provides flexibility in directing light precisely where you need it.

Whether you want to highlight specific areas like a statement piece of artwork or an elegant vanity, track lighting is up to the task. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate customizable lighting options in their bathroom spaces.

11. Vintage Fixtures: Nostalgia-Infused Designs

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas vintage light fixtures above sink custom built michigan

For a bathroom with timeless elegance, vintage fixtures are the way to go. These retro-inspired elements bring a classic charm to your decor, creating a look that never goes out of style. Vintage fixtures, reminiscent of bygone eras, add character to your bathroom space, making it unique and visually appealing.

Whether a classic sconce or an antique-inspired pendant light, incorporating vintage fixtures is a design choice that stands the test of time, making your bathroom a showcase of enduring sophistication.

12. Mirror Cabinets with Integrated Lighting: Contemporary Functionality

top bathroom lighting fixture ideas mirror cabinets with integrated lights custom built michigan

PC: The Home Depot

Elevate both form and function in your bathroom with mirror cabinets featuring integrated lighting. These innovative medicine cabinets go beyond mere storage, seamlessly incorporating LED lighting to enhance practicality and style. The integration of built-in LED lights not only illuminates your reflection but also effectively brightens the entire bathroom space.

This dual-purpose solution ensures that you not only have a convenient storage unit for your daily essentials but also a well-lit and visually appealing focal point in your bathroom. With such mirror cabinets, you maximize both storage space and the overall brightness of your bathroom, making it a smart and stylish addition to your daily routine.

Next Steps to Installing Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

As you consider the options for bathroom lighting fixtures, you may face the challenge of choosing suitable illumination for your space. Perhaps you're grappling with the need for functional lighting in grooming areas or seeking ways to enhance the ambiance in your bathroom.

By delving into the details of various fixtures, you've gained insights into the diverse solutions available. Whether it's the practicality of vanity lights or the aesthetic appeal of pendant lights, each fixture contributes uniquely to your bathroom experience. You're now equipped with the knowledge to transform your bathroom into a well-lit and inviting haven.

At Custom Built, we understand the significance of well-thought-out lighting in a home. With our 15+ years of experience in design and remodeling, we've encountered and successfully addressed diverse lighting challenges. We don't just create spaces; we illuminate them to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Ready to bring exceptional lighting into your bathroom? Our team of design-build professionals at Custom Built is here to guide you. Take the next step toward a well-lit and beautiful bathroom by contacting us for expert advice and personalized solutions. Illuminate your space with confidence and style. Explore our portfolio for inspiration, and let's embark on this enlightening journey together.

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Now that you know which bathroom lighting fixtures to install for your home remodel, let’s explore the first step of your project with Custom Built, how much your bathroom will cost, and the factors that influence that final price:

Christine Gauthier