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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Lansing, Michigan?

September 1st, 2022 | 4 min read

By Michael Flory

How much does a bathroom remodel cost in Lansing, Michigan?

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Lansing, Michigan?

Gathering prices from different remodelers for your bathroom remodel is stressful and time-consuming. We have you covered!

The average cost range for a ¾ bathroom remodel in Lansing, Michigan costs between $30,000 - $55,000. 

The average cost range for a primary bathroom remodel is between $55,000 - $85,000.

Over the past 15 years, we have been doing bathroom design and remodel projects in the greater Lansing region and surrounding Mid-Michigan areas. We have a decent sample size to develop average pricing for most bathroom remodels.

In this article, you’ll learn the factors that will cause the price of a bathroom remodel to either go up or down, a deeper explanation of the price for each bathroom, and what to expect in a bathroom remodel from each price range.

modern bathroom with center-placed free standing bathtub

The size of the bathroom being remodeled plays a massive role in determining the overall price of the project. As the size of the bathroom increases, it requires more materials, more design time, and more man-hours/labor to complete the project.

Conversely, a smaller bathroom requires less of these so the cost will be reduced.

Age of the Home

The year a home was built will play a significant role in the price as well. The existing condition of the home and its mechanics will be taken into account for pricing and this includes the condition of the existing plumbing.

A bathroom remodel, for example, often requires plumbing work for the shower, sink, and toilet. In older homes, this plumbing may be in less-than-ideal condition and will need to be replaced due to rusting or leaking.


The plumbing can be a significant factor in the pricing of a bathroom remodel especially if you plan on moving the different fixtures such as the toilet, sinks, shower, or bathtub. If the piping needs to be rerouted, the wall will most likely need to be re-framed, which obviously drives the price up.

If you want to keep costs down, keep the plumbing and fixtures in the same place and simply replace them with updated fixtures.

Replacing Existing Shower/Tub

Standing Glass shower panel with fiberglass base and tile wall

The latest trend is to replace the existing fiberglass shower/tub combo with a standing tile shower with glass.

Doing this will cost more and will be time-consuming. The glass for the shower will also be expensive, but will look amazing!

When planning for your remodel, decide if you want to replace the tub with a tile/glass shower and adjust your budget to include this.

Tile Flooring

Replacing the old or existing flooring with new tile to match a color scheme is popular. This will be a major cost factor that needs to be taken into account when designing and planning a bathroom remodel.

For a 10’ x 10’ bathroom, LVT flooring can range anywhere from $2,400 - $3,200 and tile flooring can range anywhere from $5,400 - $6,300.

Sink & Cabinet

Replacing the existing cabinets and sink is a major cost factor. The price for sinks, faucets, and cabinets ranges greatly from brand to brand.

You can make this part of your remodel as customized as you desire!

double vanity with custom, modern, black cabinets. 2 Mirrors

Average Bathroom Costs

As stated above, the size of the bathroom and level selection will have a large impact on the remodel cost. Provided are the average cost ranges for both ¾ and primary bathroom remodels as well as what is included in each pricing option.

¾ Bathroom (5 ft x 8 ft) 

The price range for a ¾ bathroom remodel ranges from $30,000 for the entry-level and $55,000+ for the luxury level

A ¾ bathroom remodel installs a new shower, replaces the flooring, installs new cabinetry and sink, and updates the lighting fixtures. It’s important to note: (a new toilet is not included in this pricing estimate)

Primary Bathroom Estimates 

The price range for a primary bathroom remodel ranges from $55,000 for the entry level and $85,000+ for the luxury level.

A primary bathroom is typically larger in size than a ¾ bathroom and is often connected to the primary bedroom in the home. 

A primary bathroom remodel installs a new shower, new flooring, new cabinetry and sink, and new light fixtures. It’s important to note: (a new toilet is not included in this pricing estimate)

Bathroom Pricing Guide

What am I getting for each price level?

INCLUDED IN BATHROOM REMODELING COST ESTIMATE: Space planning and layout design with our designer, a dedicated project manager, and all labor & materials. (a new toilet is not included in these pricing estimates)

Each level option is a different type of bathroom remodel. Knowing what type of bathroom remodel you want for your home and the size of your bathroom will give you a better understanding of what you can expect to pay.


For the entry-level price, you’ll get a professionally designed and installed bathroom with a new fiberglass tub & shower base in its existing location, new flooring, new cabinetry, and sink in the existing layout, as well as new light fixtures in the existing location.


The mid-level bathroom remodel gives the same professional design and installation as the entry-level. The mid-level upgrade offers an upgraded standing shower with porcelain tile walls, and a fiberglass base, with custom glass shower doors. The primary bathroom allows the shower space to be expanded.

You also receive higher quality sink and vanity cabinetry along with higher quality light fixtures.

Luxury Level

For the luxury level price, you receive the highest quality sinks, cabinetry, natural stone tile floor, square footage, and a custom glass shower. As with the mid-level, the primary bathroom remodel allows the shower space to be expanded.

Next steps for your bathroom remodel

You came here searching for average bathroom remodel pricing and now you know what the average bathroom costs for different types of bathrooms and the level of fixtures used. You also know what factors go into the pricing of bathroom remodels.

If you are searching for bathroom remodeling ideas or home improvement inspiration, you can use our Pinterest profile as a great resource.

If you want to talk with our sales staff, fill out our contact form and we would love to speak with you!

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