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Top 10 Shower Tile Trends for 2024

December 8th, 2023 | 4 min read

By Christine Gauthier

top shower tile trends for 2024 bathroom with vanity and countertop custom built michigan

Embarking on a shower remodel is thrilling yet challenging for many homeowners. The dizzying array of tile options, the desire for a spa-like retreat, and the need for durability in a high-moisture environment can make the decision-making process overwhelming.

As seasoned experts with 15+ years of bathroom remodeling experience, we understand the complexities and choices of designing the perfect shower space.

In this article, we delve into the top trends for shower tiles in 2024, offering insights into materials, colors, and layouts that not only elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom but also align with sustainable and eco-friendly choices.

We aim to guide you through the tile selection process, providing valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions. Whether you're drawn to textured tiles, considering innovative grout technologies, or aiming for a luxurious spa ambiance, we promise a comprehensive exploration of the latest trends to turn your shower remodel into a seamless and delightful experience:

1. Textured Elegance: Beyond Perfect Colors

top shower tile trends for 2024 textured bedrosians cloe series with vanity lighting and sink custom built michigan

PC: Bedrosians Tile & Stone

The move towards textured tiles brings a touch of uniqueness and character to shower spaces. The Bedrosians Cloe Series, with its elongated shape and imperfect edges, represents a shift towards a more modern subway tile.

This trend not only introduces a contemporary aesthetic but also ensures that each tile is a distinctive piece of art, contributing to a bespoke bathroom design.

2. Microcement Magic: Clean, Solid Looks

top shower tile trends for 2024 microcementing design with circle vanity and sink custom built michigan

Microcementing showers is a game-changer for a clean and solid look. This technique not only provides a modern European vibe but also eliminates the need for grout. 

You can now enjoy a sleek and contemporary appearance without the hassle of frequent maintenance and cleaning associated with traditional grouted tiles.

3. Stone Veneer Drama: Natural Wow Factor

top shower tile trends for 2024 stone veneer design custom built michigan

PC: Decoist

Introducing natural elements, such as stone veneer, adds a dramatic and awe-inspiring quality to shower designs. Stone veneer, resembling natural flagstone, creates a visual spectacle upon entering the space.

The juxtaposition of natural textures against modern fixtures produces a wow factor, transforming the shower into a sanctuary of relaxation and style.

4. Colors and Patterns: Bold Neutrals and Textures

top shower tile trends for 2024 bold neutrals and textures tilebar custom built michigan

PC: TileBar

2024 sees a departure from traditional color palettes with a preference for bold neutrals like navy and dark forest green. Ribbed tiles that create straight lines add a sleek and sophisticated touch to bathroom designs. Homeowners are experimenting with tile spacing, creating varied patterns and textures for a dynamic and personalized look.

5. Shape and Size Matters: Hexagons and Elongation

top shower tile trends for 2024 hexagonal and elongated designs custom built michigan

Classic hexagons continue to captivate homeowners, offering a timeless and versatile choice. The preference for elongated tiles and hexagon shapes introduces a contemporary flair to shower designs.

The tile size selection depends on bathroom dimensions, with larger tiles making a statement in spacious settings.

6. Sustainability in Shower: Lava Stone and Recycled Tiles

top shower tile trends for 2024 sustainable lava stone design and materials custom built michigan

PC: TileBar

In pursuing sustainable and eco-friendly design, homeowners explore materials like lava stone made from natural volcanic rock. This provides an environmentally conscious option without compromising on aesthetics.

Recycled tiles, crafted from recycled glass or non-glass materials, contribute to sustainable living practices.

7. Innovative Sealing Technologies: Durability Enhanced

top shower tile trends for 2024 innovating sealing technologies yondarli grout repair kit custom built michigan

PC: Amazon

Recent strides in grout and sealing technologies represent a significant leap in the durability and maintenance of shower tiles. These advancements are pivotal in extending the lifespan of shower installations, offering robust resistance to the wear and tear of daily use.

Because of these improvements, you can now enjoy not only aesthetically pleasing shower spaces but also the assurance that your tile investments will stand up to the challenges of regular use, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking as good as new.

8. Accent Tiles and Mosaics: Bolder Choices

top shower tile trends for 2024 bedrosians accent tiles and mosaics bold design custom built michigan

PC: Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Accent tiles are transforming subtle additions to bold statements. Entire back walls are becoming accent spaces, allowing you to showcase your personality through intricate designs. Mosaic patterns, especially those with smaller tiles on a mesh backing, offer a playful and artistic touch to shower interiors.

9. Luxurious Spa-like Feel: Soft and Natural Elements

top shower tile trends for 2024 luxurious spa like tiles and design custom built michigan

To achieve a luxurious spa-like ambiance, the trend leans towards soft and muted colors with a handmade edge. Ribbed tiles add texture, creating a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Natural elements like marble and stone elevate the overall aesthetic, balancing elegance and casual comfort.

10. Layout and Installation Trends: Stacked Sophistication

top shower tile trends for 2024 vertical stacked subway tiles bedrosians custom built michigan

PC: Bedrosians Tile & Stone

In contemporary shower designs, the layout of tiles plays a pivotal role in achieving a modern and stylish look. Stacked tiles, arranged in either a half-stack or a third-step offset configuration, have become increasingly popular.

The half-stack offset is a classic choice, creating a clean and uniform appearance, while the third-step offset introduces a more dynamic and contemporary feel to the design. Despite the popularity of these layouts, the installation process is not overly complex, making them accessible to homeowners with various levels of remodeling experience.

However, it's essential to emphasize that the seemingly straightforward installation demands meticulous attention to detail, especially in a moisture-prone environment like a shower. The key challenge lies in preventing water seepage, which can compromise the integrity of the remodel and potentially impact other areas of the home.

Therefore, whether you're opting for the timeless half-stack or the trendier third-step offset, ensuring a precise and water-resistant installation is critical to the long-term success of your shower remodeling project.

Custom Built’s Top Shower Tile Picks

While we recommend these trends for 2024, there are two tile types that we have used for our beautiful bathroom remodels:

Next Steps to Remodeling Your Shower Space

Showering is a daily ritual, and your space should be an oasis, not a source of stress. We understand the challenges you face when navigating the many options for your shower remodel.

With insights into the latest trends, materials, and installation techniques, you're better equipped to transform your shower into a luxurious haven that suits your style and meets your practical needs.

As your partners in the remodeling journey, we strive to simplify the complex decisions involved in home improvement. Our expertise goes beyond the surface, guiding you to make choices that align with your vision and stand the test of time.

Ready to embark on your shower remodel? Our experts are here to bring your vision to life, ensuring your shower becomes a showcase of the latest trends while maintaining functionality and sustainability. Take the next step toward a rejuvenating shower experience tailored to your tastes and needs.

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