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10 Features Every Luxury Kitchen Remodel Should Have

September 20th, 2023 | 4 min read

By Christine Gauthier

luxury kitchen remodel features island range windows cabinets custom built

Are you dreaming of transforming your kitchen into a luxurious culinary haven? Perhaps you've always envisioned a space that combines aesthetics with functionality, where you can indulge in your passion for cooking and entertaining guests.

If you're the kind of person who values the finer things in life and desires a kitchen that reflects your taste, you're in the right place.

At Custom Built, we understand the unique needs and desires of homeowners like you who are embarking on a luxury kitchen remodel journey. With 15+ years of experience and a keen eye for design, we've helped numerous clients bring their dream kitchens to life. Our expertise extends from crafting elegant layouts to selecting top-tier materials and incorporating the latest trends in kitchen design.

In this article, we'll delve into the essential features that every luxury kitchen remodel should encompass. Whether you're planning a complete overhaul or a stylish upgrade, we promise to provide you with valuable insights and inspiration to ensure your kitchen renovation is a resounding success.

Get ready to discover the elements that will elevate your kitchen into a space that not only meets your practical needs but also satisfies your desire for opulence and style:

1. Custom Cabinetry:  The Art of Personalization

custom kitchen cabinetry for luxury remodel custom built

PC: Dura Supreme

Custom cabinetry takes luxury to the next level. This is where your kitchen truly becomes unique.

Soft-close drawers and doors not only enhance safety but also provide a satisfying tactile experience. Pull-out shelves and built-in organizers maximize storage and keep everything within easy reach.

Choose from high-quality materials like solid wood for a warm, timeless feel or sleek high-gloss finishes for a modern aesthetic. With custom cabinetry, your kitchen becomes an expression of your style and needs.

2. Ample Storage Space: The Luxury of Organization

storage cabinet with organizer luxury kitchen remodel custom built

A hallmark of luxury is an abundance of storage space. Clutter-free countertops and well-organized cabinets are both visually pleasing and highly practical.

Imagine built-in spice racks for easy access, tray dividers to keep baking sheets in order, and pull-out pantry shelves that reveal your ingredients at a glance. The result is an efficient kitchen where everything has its place, contributing to both functionality and aesthetics.

3. Quality Countertops: Showcasing Elegance and Durability

marble granite countertops luxury kitchen remodel custom built

Countertops are a canvas for culinary creativity. Luxury kitchens often feature natural stone surfaces like granite or marble. These materials not only offer exceptional durability but also timeless elegance.

Alternatively, consider engineered stone for a more budget-friendly option that doesn't skimp on aesthetics. To elevate your design further, explore dramatic waterfall edges or contrasting island countertops – these details become centerpieces of your kitchen's visual appeal.

4. Statement Lighting:  Illuminating Luxury - Lights That Make Your Kitchen Shine

statement lighting with chandelier luxury kitchen remodel custom built

In a luxury kitchen, lighting isn't just functional; it's a work of art. Pendant lights that gracefully illuminate your island or dining area become stunning focal points. 

Chandeliers suspended over a breakfast nook infuse elegance and charm. Under-cabinet lighting isn't just for tasks; it's a subtle touch that adds depth and ambiance. With smart lighting controls, you can effortlessly set the perfect mood for any occasion, from intimate dinners to lively gatherings.

5. Smart Technology Integration:  The Future of Convenience

smart kitchen technology integration for home remodel custom built michigan

The future is now in luxury kitchens, thanks to smart technology. Imagine preheating your oven remotely or checking the contents of your fridge from your smartphone while at the grocery store.

Smart appliances, hands-free faucets, and automated lighting systems make daily tasks a breeze. Beyond convenience, they add a futuristic allure to your kitchen. The harmony of technology and aesthetics is a hallmark of a modern luxury kitchen.

6. Luxury Flooring: The Foundation of Elegance

dark hardwood kitchen flooring with island remodel custom built

Luxury flooring combines aesthetics and practicality. Hardwood floors exude warmth and timeless beauty, making them a popular choice.

Natural stone tiles like travertine or marble add sophistication and durability. High-quality ceramic tiles, available in various styles and finishes, offer versatility and easy maintenance. For those who seek ultimate comfort, consider radiant floor heating – a luxurious addition that ensures your toes stay cozy, especially during Michigan's chilly winters.

7. Integrated Appliances: Seamlessly Stylish

panel appliances refrigerator cabinets luxury kitchen remodel custom built

Seamless integration is key to a streamlined, uncluttered look in luxury kitchens. Panel-ready dishwashers and refrigerators blend seamlessly with your cabinetry, creating a cohesive, harmonious design. Additionally, you can add a built-in drawer microwave for more space-efficient functionality.

The result is a kitchen that exudes a sense of balance and elegance, with appliances discreetly hidden behind custom panels.

8. Stylish Backsplash: Backsplash Beauty - Elevating Your Kitchen's Aesthetic

patterned mosaic backsplash tile luxury kitchen remodel custom built

The backsplash is an artistic canvas in your kitchen, a chance to infuse character and style. Mosaic tiles can create intricate patterns and add a touch of artistic flair. Subway tiles, with their timeless appeal, offer a clean and classic look.

Mirrored backsplashes reflect light and space, making your kitchen appear larger and more inviting. Whether you choose a bold or subtle design, your backsplash is an opportunity to showcase your personality and elevate your kitchen's aesthetic.

9. High-End Appliances: Elevating Your Kitchen's Functionality

wolf range kitchen appliances luxury remodel custom built michigan

PC: Wolf

Regarding high-end appliances, the choices are abundant, but the result is the same – exceptional performance and exquisite design.

Professional-grade ranges from renowned brands like Sub-Zero, Viking, and Wolf offer precise temperature control and powerful cooking capabilities.

A built-in refrigerator seamlessly blends into your cabinetry, while a wine cooler keeps your favorite vintages perfectly chilled. Don't forget a steam oven, a versatile addition that enables healthier cooking without sacrificing taste. Beyond functionality, these appliances are statement pieces in your kitchen, exuding an air of sophistication.

10. Wine Storage: A Toast to Luxury - Wine Storage Solutions for Connoisseurs

wine storage cooler fridge luxury kitchen remodel custom built michigan

For wine enthusiasts, a dedicated wine storage area or a wine refrigerator is the epitome of luxury. It allows you to display your wine collection with pride and ensures your favorite vintages are always at the perfect temperature for entertaining.

Wine storage isn't just functional; it's a statement piece that adds sophistication to your kitchen.

Next steps to designing your luxury kitchen remodel

If you're in the midst of planning your luxury kitchen remodel, you're likely seeking the key features that will truly transform your space into a culinary haven.

By incorporating these essential features - from high-end appliances to custom cabinetry and smart technology - you can achieve a kitchen that's not only visually stunning but also incredibly functional. Your dream kitchen is well within reach, offering a refined and enjoyable cooking experience.

At Custom Built, we specialize in crafting luxury kitchens that exceed your expectations. With 15+ years of expertise, our team has a deep understanding of how to elevate your kitchen to a new level of luxury. We're here to help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

luxury kitchen remodel custom built design and remodeling lansing michigan

Now that you know the best features to include in your luxury kitchen remodel design, let’s explore some of the top trends and how Custom Built will approach your project:

Christine Gauthier