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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Designs for 2024

October 25th, 2023 | 4 min read

By Christine Gauthier

best bathroom remodeling designs 2024 free standing tub rain shower custom built michigan

You step into your bathroom, and it's not just a functional space; it's a sanctuary. Your bathroom should offer more than mere utility; it should encapsulate comfort, serenity, and innovation. But navigating the ever-evolving world of bathroom remodeling can be daunting.

In our journey to uncover the latest trends in bathroom design, we draw upon our rich experience and expertise in the industry. With over 15 years of transforming spaces, we have the knowledge and insight to bring you the top bathroom remodeling designs poised to shine in 2024.

From embracing minimalist values to incorporating biophilic elements, innovative smart technologies, and eco-friendly solutions, this guide exemplifies the best of bathroom remodeling, all grounded in our deep understanding of what homeowners seek for their dream bathrooms.

In this comprehensive article, we promise to immerse you in the bathroom design world, keeping you ahead of the curve for 2024.

Whether you're aiming for a serene escape or a technologically advanced space, we'll provide expert insights to help you transform your bathroom into a haven of luxury and innovation. Say goodbye to outdated designs, and embrace a new era of bathroom remodeling possibilities:

1. Minimalist Values: Clean Lines and Calm Spaces

minimalist bathroom design 2024 remodeling services custom built

In 2024, the bathroom serves as a sanctuary from the chaos of the outside world. Minimalist values are gaining ground, with clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a focus on functionality at the forefront of bathroom design. Minimalist bathrooms provide a sense of tranquility, making them the perfect place to unwind and de-stress.

2. Embracing Biophilic Design: Nature Indoors

biophilic design with tub best bathroom remodeling designs 2024 custom built

Bringing elements of nature indoors, a concept known as biophilic design is a trend taking root. Incorporating natural materials like wood and stone can create a serene atmosphere that invites relaxation. Additionally, homeowners are integrating plants and humidity-thriving greens into their bathrooms, as these spaces provide an ideal environment for plant growth.

3. Harnessing Natural Light: Sun Tunnels and Windows

sun tunnel in bathroom design 2024 custom built


Bathing in natural light is a trend that continues to gain momentum in 2024. Homeowners increasingly use innovative solutions like sun tunnels to infuse their bathrooms with precious natural light. Sun tunnels are a cost-effective means of bringing the outdoors inside.

And for those with a larger budget and space, windows are being used to flood bathrooms with sunlight.

4. Smart Technology Integration: Elevating Convenience

smart technology on smartphone in bathroom remodeling designs 2024 custom built

Smart technology is finding its way into our bathrooms, offering increased convenience and enhancing the overall bathing experience. Homeowners can now control everything from the floor temperature to the shower settings through smartphones. Technology integration is revolutionizing the bathroom, making it functional and technologically advanced.

5. Cohesiveness Is Key: Matching Styles

cohesive bathroom remodeling design 2024 with sink area and large vanity custom built

In 2024, homeowners embrace cohesiveness in their bathroom designs. Primary bathrooms are designed to align with the overall aesthetics of the home, creating a seamless transition. In contrast, powder rooms are becoming spaces where homeowners can express their individuality, resulting in bolder and more unique design choices.

6. Taking Design Risks: Embracing Bold Choices

bold bathroom remodeling design with blue tile and bathtub custom built

PC: Good Housekeeping

For small bathroom spaces, risks are in vogue. Bolder choices, such as vibrant colors, unique wallpaper, non-white ceiling paint, colorful vanities, eccentric lighting, and creative tile flooring, are finding their way into bathroom designs. These risks often come at a slightly higher price point but result in unique and distinctive spaces.

7. Sustainable Design Elements: Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

sustainable eco friendly bathroom remodeling designs 2024 custom built

Sustainability and eco-friendliness have become integral to contemporary bathroom designs. Alongside introducing houseplants, especially those that flourish in humid conditions, other eco-friendly approaches can enhance your bathroom's environmental consciousness.

For instance, opting for water-saving fixtures like low-flow faucets and showerheads reduces water consumption, conserving this precious resource without compromising functionality and style. This combination of greenery and efficient fixtures embodies a bathroom that's both visually pleasing and eco-responsible.

8. Natural Materials and Textures: A Return to Nature

soapstone bathtub in bathroom remodel design 2024 custom built

In 2024, there's a growing preference for natural materials and textures. These include stone mosaic tiles with a smooth, flat surface, making them comfortable to walk on while giving a natural look. Additionally, more homeowners are choosing soapstone and marble countertops, which can now be sealed more effectively, allowing for greater durability.

9. Soft Color Palettes: Spa-Like Serenity

soft color palettes pink wall color in bathroom remodeling design 2024 custom built

Soft and tranquil color palettes that create a spa-like atmosphere are the way for bathroom remodels. While bold colors are rare in larger bathroom designs, subtle rose hues have started to make appearances. These shades are particularly popular for children's bathrooms, creating a visual link with the rest of the house.

10. Thoughtful Lighting: Functionality Meets Mood

custom lighting in bathroom design with vanity 2024 custom built michigan

Functional lighting and mood lighting are becoming a staple in bathroom design. Having options like dimmer switches and accent lighting in shower niches or nightlights is the norm. Homeowners are also considering outlets with built-in nightlights for added convenience.

11. Classic and Innovative Layouts: Timeless Meets Modern

wet room with tile flooring bathroom remodeling designs 2024 custom built

In bathroom layouts, classic and innovative ideas continue to flourish. Classic layouts, such as combining a bathtub with a shower, are still favored by many homeowners. However, newer concepts like "wet rooms," where the bathtub is within the shower space, are gaining traction.

Thoughtful layouts focus on making the shower or vanity the focal point upon entering the bathroom.

12. Timeless Elements: Elegance Through the Ages

free standing bathtub in bathroom remodeling design 2024 custom built

Some classic design elements never go out of style. The free-standing bathtub, especially claw-foot tubs, is making a comeback, lending a luxurious touch to bathroom designs. Subway tiles remain a timeless choice, with modern variations providing a fresh look.

These timeless design elements can help create an elegant and upscale atmosphere in your bathroom.

13. Striking a Balance Between Aesthetics and Functionality

best bathroom remodeling designs rain shower with wood vanity custom built michigan

Balancing aesthetics and functionality is key when planning a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms should be utilitarian, offering ample storage and materials to withstand water damage.

Once the essentials are addressed, it's time to focus on arranging the space for aesthetics. Tile choices and wood-look porcelain, for instance, provide functionality without sacrificing style.

Next Steps to Remodeling Your Bathroom

Picture yourself amid a bathroom remodel, standing at the threshold of endless possibilities for your sanctuary. You want a space that seamlessly blends beauty and functionality. It's a place to escape from the world, your private oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.

In this article, we've journeyed through the bathroom design trends of 2024, uncovering the delicate balance between aesthetics and utility.

We've explored everything from sustainable, eco-friendly elements to the incorporation of smart technology, new materials, and imaginative layouts. These trends offer not only style but also enhanced functionality, addressing the concerns of homeowners who want a bathroom that meets their needs while providing a refuge from the stresses of daily life.

At Custom Built, we understand the unique challenges and desires homeowners face when embarking on a bathroom remodeling project. With over 15 years of experience in transforming spaces, we're well-versed in crafting bathrooms that are not just visually stunning but also highly functional. Our expertise allows us to guide you through the process, ensuring your bathroom remodel aligns with your vision and lifestyle.

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Now that you’ve learned more about the top bathroom remodeling designs to leverage in the upcoming year let’s explore what the first steps of your remodeling journey with Custom Built look like, and how much your half-bath or full-bathroom remodel will cost.

Christine Gauthier