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The Custom Built Way - Our Proven Process for Remodeling Success

At Custom Built, we realize it’s not your responsibility to know everything about what goes into the construction process. That’s our job. However, we believe it’s our duty to leave you with a newly remodeled part of your home, as well as an in-depth understanding of what we are doing along the way. Our process is straightforward, and the scope of your perso...

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Top 5 Components of Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

Kitchen remodel projects can range from a few changes to a complete renovation or addition project. As a result, the costs will vary widely and are also dependent upon the specific choices you make about things like countertops — granite or not; cabinets — custom made or off-the shelf; and everything else you want in your new kitchen.

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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Admit it, like everyone, you take your kitchen for granted. It’s always there, sitting silently by just waiting for you to make a meal, wash some dishes, make a pot of coffee, or just stand in front of the refrigerator wondering what you might like to munch on. No big deal right? Wrong! Your kitchen — even your old kitchen that needs a complete overhaul — is...

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Kitchen Remodel Timeline (12 Milestones to Keep You On-Track)

A kitchen remodeling project naturally will include many changes. Thus, the time needed to complete the project can vary considerably, depending on the breadth of the changes planned. In addition, some changes take more time than others, like demolition and reconstruction of walls compared to painting. Overall, however, you and your remodeler can develop a t...

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How To Choose The Best Remodeling Contractor (Top Questions To Ask)

Perhaps the single most important remodeling decision you will make is choosing a contractor. A contractor has the ability to make or break a project so it is imperative that you complete your due diligence before signing any contracts. But where to begin? Here are several questions that need answers before you settle on a contractor.

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How to Make Product Selections For Your Remodeling Project?

Whether you’re planning for kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel, don’t let concerns about selecting the right products, materials and finishes for your project get in the way of feeling confident about moving forward with planning.  If you find the right remodeling company, they will help you make these key decisions.  Getting help along the way is key to ...

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Preparing For Your In-Home Design Consultation Meeting

Getting to Know You At Custom Built Design and Remodeling we love what we do, and we are serious about taking care of our clients. In our pursuit of providing the best value to our clients over the last 15 years, we've developed and refined our process. This process offers a clear path and consistent results. As part of our process we offer an in-depth in-ho...

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How To Budget For Your Remodeling Project

Putting a budget on a remodeling project is hard for most homeowners. Without past experience remodeling your home, how could you come up with a realistic remodeling project budget? Below we offer you three ways to get started envisioning a budget for your remodeling project. But watch out, the first option can end up costing you a lot more money and time th...

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How to Create a Remodeling Budget

Many homeowners share with us their challenges trying to establish a budget for their remodeling projects. This is completely understandable. It also make sense for a homeowner to get a good idea of what to expect as a realistic budget or budget range for their project before making decisions and or moving forward with remodeling project design. With all tha...

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This is Just a Simple Project, Can You Give Me a Bid On It Without Plans?

Many homeowners ask us for a price for their projects. Of course it makes sense for them to know what their project will cost. However, if you have not fully defined your project yet, there is no way a Lansing area professional remodeler can give you a bid or fixed price for your project. Even if you feel your project is a simple one, without professionally ...

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How To Properly Vet a Remodeling Contractor

How To Properly Vet a Remodeling Contractor What you need to know about contractors might surprise you. Selecting one of these professionals to perform a job for you is not a simple process. In other words, you should never simply consult your yellow pages and choose a name at random.

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Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Design & Remodeling Company

  Not all remodeling contractors do business in the same way. If you are planning some renovations at your home make sure you choose the right construction company type to work with. For example if you just need to repair or replace something for your home to restore it to its original condition a carpenter or home improvement company can be a good option be...

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