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The Pros & Cons of Smart Kitchen Appliances

September 6th, 2022 | 4 min read

By Michael Flory

Smart refrigerator in a modern kitchen, with cabinets and sink. Grey wall

The Pros & Cons of Smart Kitchen Appliances

Choosing the appliances to go along with a kitchen remodel can be stressful and time-consuming. 

You go to your local Home Depot and check out all the shiny new options you can replace your old appliances with. And you ask yourself, are the added features and high-tech appearance right for me?

As a remodeler who has designed and built dozens of kitchens with smart appliances, we understand what these appliances are capable of and if they are right for you.

Smart appliances for your kitchen do some pretty cool things. Understanding the pros and cons of these appliances will allow you to know if the added features are right for you.

smart kitchen infographic

What are Smart Appliances?

The word “smart” often refers to the level of electronic sophistication (and integration) in everything from cars to phones to home appliances. 

The features vary from device to device and the price can vary depending on the different things the Smart appliance can do.

In the kitchen, smart technologies can be found in just about any piece of “old-fashioned” equipment whether it’s a refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove. 

These smart appliances and devices take the guesswork out of just about anything you can do wrong in the kitchen.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators

You’re about to learn the pros and cons of smart refrigerators along with whether it’s a good fit or bad fit for your needs.

The Pros of Smart Refrigerators

Smart fridges can come with a Wi-Fi-enabled screen on the door which can do some pretty cool things including

  • Connecting to other smart applications such as Alexa or Ring Doorbell
    • Seamless integration with other devices increases the usability of every device.

  • Use a variety of apps 
    • Internet
    • Spotify
    • Television
    • Display weather and recipes
    • Create and send grocery lists to your phone

  • See what’s inside of the fridge (even from your phone)
    • Easy if you are at the store and forget what to get

  • More energy efficient than non-smart counterparts
    • Saves money every month on your electric bill.

The Cons of Smart Refrigerators

  • The cost
    • Higher purchase cost
    • Higher maintenance costs
  • It May become obsolete quickly
    • Chances are high that the manufacturer may discontinue support for older models
  • Security and hacking concerns
    • A smart fridge (with cameras) that is connected to your phone and other sensitive areas can be a prime target for hackers and criminals if they gain access.
  • It May be overly complex
    • With all of the features on the fridge, the space on the screen can be cluttered and confusing.

Determining if a Smart Refrigerator is a Good Fit for You

  • You are a ‘techy’ person who wants to have the latest and greatest toys for your house when they come out 
  • You have a family with different schedules for your kids, lots of food and meals to prepare, and your own busy schedule
  • You want to save on the energy bill for your house
  • The high up-front cost doesn’t scare you off

Determining if a Smart Refrigerator is a Bad Fit for You

  • You just want an appliance to keep your food cold. You don’t care about all of the bells and whistles
  • The added cost of a smart fridge isn’t worth the added features to you
  • The look you want for your kitchen doesn’t work well with a massive computer screen on the fridge door
  • You want to save money on your kitchen remodel (if your fridge is part of a larger kitchen remodel)

Smart Dishwashers

You’re going to learn the pros and cons of smart dishwashers and if they are a good fit or a bad fit for your needs.

Smart Dishwasher with high-tech buttons

The Pros of a Smart Dishwasher

  • Control your dishwasher from your phone or Alexa devices
    • Choose different washer cycles remotely
  • Monitor dishwasher performance on your phone
    • Alerts you when the dishwashing cycle is complete
    • Alerts you of malfunctions or if repairs are needed
  • More energy efficient than a regular dishwasher
    • Some models save water from previous cycles to use in the next cycle
    • Increases drying to reduce drying time 
  • Some models have a transparent window to view the washing cycle during operation
    • The ability to view the dishwashing cycle in operation is a fun feature for people who haven’t seen it before

The Cons of a Smart Dishwasher

  • Higher upfront cost
    • Typically more expensive than a traditional washer
    • Maintenance costs can be higher, especially if the smart functions break
  • Unnecessary features
    • Will most people start their dishwasher from their phone? Likely not, you load it up, then press the start button on the washer.
  • If purchased, the viewing window could break, costing you repair costs
    • It means you are hand washing until it is fixed

Determining if a Smart Dishwasher is a Good Fit for You

  • You like the function of connecting your phone to everything in your home. Including your dishwasher
  • The viewing window will bring you enjoyment. Most dishwashers do not include this feature
  • The additional cost of a smart dishwasher doesn’t bother you.

Determining if a Smart Dishwasher is a Bad Fit for You

  • You just want a simple, run-in-the-mill dishwasher
  • You want a cheap dishwasher. If you are looking to save money, a smart dishwasher isn’t for you
  • Unnecessary features that will likely go unused

Smart Oven

Whirlpool Smart Oven

Smart ovens can do extra things that normal ovens and ranges cannot do. You’re going to learn the pros and cons as well as if they are a good or bad fit depending on your needs.

The Pros of a Smart Oven

  • Controlled through smartphone
    • Turn temp up or down
    • Adjust cooking settings (convection, conventional, or broil)
  • It will tell you if you forgot to turn it off
    • Useful if you are out of the house

  • Easily monitor the cooking process while away from your kitchen

  • Stovetops can be customized for cooking any size/shape of pan or pot

The Cons of a Smart Oven

  • Due to the heat, computing components may not last
  • It will cost more than a traditional range oven
  • No large screens so additional features are limited

Determining if a Smart Oven is a Good Fit for You

  • You want to be able to control your oven away from your kitchen
  • You cook a lot and have to adjust the cooking settings for your recipes
  • Don’t mind paying extra for an oven for your kitchen

Determining if a Smart Oven is a Bad Fit for You

  • The ability to control your oven from your phone is unnecessary
  • The added cost of the smart oven is not worth it to you vs a traditional oven

Next Steps for Your Smart Appliance Research

In this article, you learned the pros and cons of some of the most common smart kitchen appliances. Now you know if these smart appliances are right for you and your kitchen.

If you have more questions about putting smart appliances in your home or want more information on what a kitchen remodel would look like in your home, contact our sales staff and they will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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For more information about planning a kitchen remodel, here is an article about how to approach a kitchen remodeling project. Here is an article if you want to learn about the step-by-step remodeling and design process.

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