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10 Factors That Affect the Average Cost to Finish a Basement

November 24th, 2023 | 4 min read

By Brian Taylor

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement pool table couches custom built michigan

If you’re reading your article, chances are you have a basement, a hidden treasure trove of potential living space. It could be the guest suite you've always wanted, an entertainment haven for your family, or even a source of rental income.

However, for many, it's currently a dull, unfinished space used mainly for storage, constantly reminding you of wasted potential. You're eager to transform it, but there's a significant roadblock - understanding the factors influencing the cost of finishing a basement. Clarity is needed to make well-informed decisions moving forward.

That's where we come in. At Custom Built, we've been turning underutilized basements into stunning living areas for years. Our team knows the ins and outs of basement finishing, and we're here to share our knowledge with you. We understand that cost is a crucial factor in your decision-making process, and we would like to guide you through that.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the 10 key factors that significantly impact the average cost of finishing a basement:

  1. The Size of the Basement
  2. Basement Layout and Complexity
  3. Basement Permits and Building Codes
  4. Proper Insulation and Moisture Control
  5. Safety-Infused Windows and Egress
  6. Structural Considerations with Ceiling Heights
  7. Completing Electrical and Plumbing Work
  8. Quality of Materials and Finishes
  9. Required Labor Costs for Project Completion
  10. Unexpected Issues that Arise During Construction

You can expect a clear understanding of how choices related to design, materials, labor, and other critical factors will affect your project's budget. By the end, you'll be well-prepared to make the right choices and turn your basement into the valuable space you've always envisioned:

1. The Size of the Basement

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement living room with couch custom built michigan

The size of your basement is a foundational element in estimating the project cost. Larger basements demand more materials, labor, and time. Whether you're aiming to create a cozy family den, a spacious game room, or a fully functional apartment, the square footage of your basement is one of the primary considerations in your budget calculations.

2. Basement Layout and Complexity

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement home gym custom built michigan

The layout and complexity of your basement design also significantly influence your costs. A basement with an open layout, minimal partitioning, and straightforward design is typically more budget-friendly.

In contrast, if your vision includes multiple rooms, intricate designs, or custom features like built-in shelves, bars, or specialty lighting, these enhancements can elevate the complexity and cost of the project.

3. Basement Permits and Building Codes

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement building permits custom built michigan

Basement finishing must align with local building codes and regulations. If your basement doesn't meet code requirements before, during, or after your remodel, modifications or upgrades may be necessary to meet the standards and pass inspections. These adjustments can contribute to increased costs, but they are a necessary aspect of a safe and legally compliant renovation.

If you do not have a complete understanding of your township’s requirements, hiring a contractor who understands your local code will set you up for success.

4. Proper Insulation and Moisture Control

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement insulation and moisture control custom built michigan

Proper insulation and moisture control are fundamental for creating a comfortable, dry, and energy-efficient finished basement. The extent of insulation and moisture control required depends on your basement's location and initial condition.

In regions like Michigan with harsh climates, high groundwater levels, or older homes, more comprehensive insulation and moisture control solutions may be necessary, impacting your budget.

5. Safety-Infused Windows and Egress

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement egress window and living area custom built michigan

PC: The Home Depot

Safety is paramount when finishing a basement, and proper egress is essential. If your basement lacks adequate egress windows or doors, you may need to install them. While this is a safety necessity, it can increase project costs, mainly due to the structural and labor elements involved.

6. Structural Considerations With Ceiling Height

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement ceiling height with stairs custom built michigan

The height of your basement's ceiling is a crucial factor to consider when planning a basement finishing project. Taller ceilings will feel more spacious and airy, while lower ceilings may create a cozier atmosphere. However, the ceiling height can also impact the project's cost.

In basements with lower ceiling heights, several adjustments may be necessary to make the space feel more open and welcoming. These adjustments can include structural changes, like lowering the floor. While these modifications can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your basement, they do come with associated costs that should be factored into your budget and project timeline. 

Therefore, it's essential to evaluate your ceiling height and its implications on the design and budget aspects of your basement finishing project.

7. Completing Electrical and Plumbing Work

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement bar with barstools custom built michigan

Adding electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and plumbing elements like a bathroom or wet bar can significantly impact your basement finishing costs. The extent to which you integrate these elements into your basement design directly affects your budget.

8. Quality of Materials and Finishes

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement TV area with wooden wall finish custom built michigan

The choice of materials and finishes plays a substantial role in determining costs. Opting for high-end materials and finishes naturally incurs higher expenses than basic or standard options. The quality, style, and durability of these materials directly affect your basement's overall look and functionality.

9. Required Labor Costs for Project Completion

factors that affect the average cost to finish a basement carpenter working on remodeling project custom built michigan

Labor costs can vary depending on your location, the complexity of your project, and the expertise of your chosen contractor. While experienced contractors may charge higher rates, their knowledge and skill often result in a more efficient and well-executed project. In the long run, this experience can save you money and ensure the quality of the finished space.

10. Unexpected Issues that Arise During Construction

Unforeseen issues can emerge during basement finishing, and these unexpected problems can lead to additional costs and project delays. Issues such as water damage, structural problems, or the discovery of mold demand immediate attention.

Addressing these problems can extend the project timeline and increase costs. It's crucial to factor in a contingency budget to accommodate any unforeseen challenges during the renovation process.

Next Steps to Finishing Your Basement

As homeowners in Michigan, we often face the perplexing dilemma of what to do with our basements. The desire for extra living space, a home office, or a fantastic entertainment area clashes with the challenges of managing costs.

You're not alone if you've pondered the potential pain of soaring expenses and the unique problems associated with basement finishing. 

Understanding these factors empowers you to make informed decisions, plan your budget, and set realistic expectations for your basement transformation. By identifying your priorities, you can determine where to invest and where to save, creating a space that resonates with your needs and personal style.

This is where Custom Built comes into play. With 15+ years of experience serving homeowners throughout Michigan, we understand the intricacies of turning your basement into a functional and inviting space without breaking the bank.

Our team is well-versed in navigating the factors that affect basement remodeling costs, ensuring that you get the most value out of your investment. Whether it's crafting a cozy family room, a practical home office, or the ultimate entertainment space, our knowledge and commitment make it possible.

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Now that you know the factors that’ll affect the average cost of your basement finish, let’s explore what the first step of the Custom Built Proven Process looks like with your project, how much your project will cost, and the ways you can elevate your space:

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