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6 Common Problems To Expect During a Kitchen Remodel

February 8th, 2023 | 3 min read

By Dianna Corsi

Beautifully remodeled kitchen with wood floors, white cabinets, and black subway tile backsplash

If you're a homeowner who has recently embarked on a kitchen remodel, you know how exciting it is to transform this highly-used space in your home. Yet construction problems inevitably occur, and can be a major source of frustration and stress.

As experienced home remodelers in Mid-Michigan, we specialize in transforming your kitchen into the beautiful and functional space you want. Our expertise lies not only in bringing your vision to life, but also in predicting and managing problems as they arise during construction.

In this article, you will learn about common problems that can occur during a kitchen remodel and how our team approaches and resolves them.

Problems with product deliveries

Incorrect products are delivered

Having the wrong materials delivered is one of the most common ways that delivery issues can cause construction delays.

Whether the mistake was caused by a member of Custom Built or by our supplier, we take responsibility for addressing this problem and getting the correct product delivered as soon as possible.

Products are damaged during delivery

Frustrating construction delays can also be caused by products being damaged during delivery. If materials or appliances arrive at your home with visible damage, it can hold up the construction process while you wait for replacements to be shipped.

Shipping delays and back orders

During a kitchen remodel, delays can also be caused by deliveries not arriving on time. 

Sometimes we receive an estimated delivery date rather than a set one. This makes it difficult for us to pinpoint when a product is arriving. 

Additionally, our suppliers may be back ordered. This happens when a product is temporarily out of stock and cannot be immediately shipped.

Any kind of manufacturing or supply chain issue can cause a construction delay. Unfortunately, these are more common across all industries since the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’re all still learning how to navigate the new environment.

Errors during construction

It's important to remember that your kitchen remodel is being constructed by people, and as such, mistakes will inevitably occur. Mistakes are a normal part of the construction process. While we do our best to minimize errors, we specialize in successfully solving problems and communicating well as we do.

Not following construction plans

Everyone working on your project is basing their work on one cohesive set of construction plans. These plans are as detailed as possible to avoid misinterpretation and mistakes.

However, errors can arise if someone misreads them. Whether the mistake is made by a member of Custom Built or one of our trade partners, we take responsibility for fixing the error as soon as possible.

Job-site mistakes

Mistakes can also occur that are the result of simple human error. Potential mishaps are nearly limitless, but these are some real-life accidents that occur on job sites:

  • A carpenter dents your wall carrying in a wood beam
  • Someone spills paint on the countertop and cabinets
  • The plumber working on your sink scrapes your cabinet
  • Installers scrape your floor bringing in your new refrigerator

Building inspector requirements

Another cause of delay in construction projects may happen if a building inspector requires additional items to be added to existing systems to make them code compliant.

For example, an inspector may require that additional electrical circuits be added in order to be compliant with building codes. 

Additionally, building inspectors may address structural items uncovered during demolition. These items can cause delays in construction as the work needs to be completed to pass building inspections before the project can move forward.

How Custom Built addresses these problems

No matter the problem, or how it arises, we take the responsibility for correcting it actively and seriously. Your experience matters to us, and we are adept not only at troubleshooting construction site problems on many levels, but also at communicating with you throughout the process.

Issues with product deliveries

When your project faces problems associated with the delivery of your product selections, we immediately reach out to our suppliers.

Whenever possible, we request expedited delivery. Due to issues with the supply chain, expediting is not always available, but we do our best to get product selections as soon as possible.

Backorders can be frustrating for both you and us because we are unable to provide you with an estimated delivery date until we receive it from the supplier. Backorders can also be challenging to address because we are waiting for a product to become available from another company. 

While there isn't much we can do to speed up the delivery process with backorders, our commitment is to communicate often and clearly with you, so you know where your project stands at all times.

Errors during construction

Anytime a mistake happens on the job site, Custom Built takes responsibility to fix it. This is true whether the mistake is due to misreading construction plans or human error. This is true no matter who makes the mistake, whether a trade partner or a member of our own team.

We address all mistakes as soon as possible to avoid potential delays. 

Some mistakes may require a trade partner to come back to your home to perform additional work. This involves rescheduling them which may naturally cause delays in the construction process. In such cases, we will communicate the timeline clearly with you.

Next steps after solving these problems

While remodeling your kitchen is exciting, hiccups along the way unfortunately and inevitably come up. We understand the frustration of construction delays and job-site errors. You now have clarity about our behind-the-scenes project management and what is involved with troubleshooting a remodeling project.

As a skilled remodeler and project manager, solving problems like these is part of our process. It’s also why you want to use the services of an effective remodeling contractor who can minimize mistakes, solve them as they come up, and communicate effectively with you throughout the process.

Ready to start remodeling your kitchen? Reach out to our team. We would be happy to help you design, build, and troubleshoot your kitchen remodel.

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Dianna Corsi

Dianna Corsi is a highly experienced professional with over 14 years in the remodeling industry. She has lived in the Greater Lansing area for the last 3 decades and currently resides in Okemos. Dianna specializes in kitchen and bath projects, and currently holds the roles of Project Advisor and Cabinet Specialist with Custom Built Design & Remodeling. With her extensive knowledge of the remodeling industry, she is able to provide her clients with high-quality services that enhance their experience.