10 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Remodel Your Kitchen

Here Are The Top 10 Key Questions We Ask Our Clients Before We Begin Their Kitchen Design. Kitchen Remodeling Tips, Ideas & Inspiration.

How important are YOU the “user” when you are remodeling your Lansing kitchen?

For us, the most important factor for a kitchen remodel are the people or family we are remodeling for. When we begin a kitchen remodeling project, we focus on understanding how the client uses the kitchen space. As a Lansing design & remodeling company we can design anything and build almost everything, as we explain to our clients.

Tip: “Focus on your goals and needs and how your family uses the kitchen.”

Here are 10 key questions we ask our clients before we being their Lansing kitchen design:

1. What is your favorite feature of your kitchen?

2. What is your biggest problem with your kitchen?

3. How do you use the space and who are the primary users?

4. Who cooks in your family? Is this kitchen for one or two chefs?

5. Do you like to entertain frequently?

6. How important is storage for you?

7. How do the adjacent rooms integrate with your kitchen?

8. How important is lighting for you?

9. How important are the views to the outdoors?

10. What is you favorite spot in your current kitchen?

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