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10 Key Benefits of Choosing Composite Decking Materials for Your Build

November 10th, 2023 | 5 min read

By Michael Flory

key benefits composite decking for deck project seating area and rails custom built michigan

If you’re reading this, you're probably a homeowner eager to enhance your outdoor living space, making it a welcoming haven for relaxation, social gatherings, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. However, in the world of deck building, you face a common conundrum: traditional wood decks can be high-maintenance, requiring regular staining, sealing, and fighting off the relentless forces of weather.

The desire for an outdoor retreat shouldn't come with the burden of time-consuming and consistent upkeep, and that's where the problem lies.

At Custom Built, we bring over 15+ years of expertise in crafting outdoor paradises. We understand that homeowners like you seek beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance decking solutions.

We have experience handling various materials, styles, and projects, ensuring our clients' outdoor dreams come true with the best-suited decking options. Composite decking has been a game-changer in our industry, and we're here to share our insights into its top benefits.

In this enlightening guide, we'll explore the Top Key 10 Benefits of Choosing Composite Decking for Your Build. From its durability and low-maintenance nature to its eco-friendly characteristics and remarkable aesthetics, we'll dive into the advantages that make composite decking an excellent choice for your outdoor space.

We promise to equip you with the knowledge you need to transform your dream deck into a long-lasting reality, one that stands up to the elements and provides a beautiful retreat, without the pain of extensive upkeep. Say goodbye to the woes of traditional wood decks and embrace the many advantages of composite decking.

1. Durability That Lasts for Years of Enjoyment

composite deck with BBQ grill and seating area custom built michigan

One of the primary advantages of composite decking is its remarkable durability. This material is engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions and resist wear and tear over time. Unlike traditional wood decks, good quality composite doesn't rot, warp, or succumb to termite damage, ensuring your deck looks fantastic for many years.

2. Low Deck Maintenance Requirements

homeowner washing composite decking and furniture custom built michigan

Forget about the annual staining, sealing, or painting that traditional wood decks demand. Composite decking is incredibly low maintenance. A simple periodic cleaning with soap and water is usually sufficient to keep your deck looking fresh for years. This means more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time coordinating upkeep.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing Patterns with Realistic Wood Appearances

trex composite decking porch and deck with swing custom built michigan

PC: Trex

Composite decking offers an extensive range of colors and finishes, allowing you to create a deck that perfectly complements your home's design and your style. Whether you prefer the look of natural wood grains or a more contemporary finish, you'll find the perfect option to enhance your outdoor aesthetics.

4. Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Living Spaces

composite decking with stairs and planter custom built michigan

PC: Trex

Many composite decking brands incorporate recycled materials, such as plastic bags and reclaimed wood fibers, making them an environmentally responsible choice. This sustainable approach not only conserves resources but also ensures you're investing in a product with a smaller ecological footprint. If you're eco-conscious, composite decking is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space without harming the environment.

5. Resistant to Fading in the Sun

before and after composite decking installation seating area with furniture custom built michigan

The color of your composite deck is designed to resist fading due to sun exposure, ensuring your deck looks as vibrant years after installation as it did on day one. This fade-resistant feature is particularly important for those who love the look of their deck and want it to stay that way. Your outdoor space will remain a focal point of beauty year after year.

However, it’s important to remember that not all composite decking holds the same fade resistance. While most brands offer lines that will hold up against UV rays for years, some brands don’t offer deck boards with that level of protection and technology. This is why it’s essential to properly vet your composite decking options via online research like Google Reviews and product review articles from reliable sources.

6. Splinter-Free Enjoyment for All Families

family enjoying dinner at table on composite deck custom built michigan

Say goodbye to painful splinters and fragmented board hazards. Composite decking is inherently splinter-resistant, providing a smooth surface safe for kids and adults. It will not break apart like natural wood does over time. These features ensure that your deck remains a safe and comfortable place for everyone.

7. Excellent Slip Resistance When Wet

homeowner walking on composite deck during the summer custom built michigan

PC: MoistureShield

Safety is paramount, especially when your deck is exposed to the elements. Composite decking typically features excellent slip resistance, ensuring it's a safe choice, even when wet. You can enjoy your outdoor space with confidence, knowing that it's designed with your safety in mind.

Got a pool that you’ve always wanted to use more? Composite decking is a stellar option that can minimize slipping as you and your family enjoy those hot Michigan summers. Keep in mind, however, that different brands and lines offer more water/slip resistance than others.

8. Expansive Design Customization Options

composite decking with stairs and tiers custom built michigan

Composite decking can be tailored to your specific needs. From the layout and size of your deck to unique features like built-in seating and custom railings, the possibilities for customization are endless. This allows you to create a deck that reflects your unique style and preferences.

9. Home Value Boost

Investing in a composite deck can significantly increase your home's value. Potential buyers often consider it a premium feature, making your property more attractive. If you ever decide to sell your home, you'll likely recoup a significant portion of your investment through the increased property value.

In fact, according to The Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report 2023, a quality composite deck can add 31.6% of recouped value to your home - meaning your build can give back to you for years to come.

Additionally, the quality of the builder you hire will affect how your deck looks and how long it lasts.  Installation is the number one reason all decks fail prematurely - especially composite.

So, make sure you have a contractor who knows how to build a deck and has experience working with composite decking. This will ensure you get the most value out of your build.

10. Long-Term Cost Savings

While the initial cost of composite decking is higher than wood, the long-term savings on maintenance, repair, and replacement make it a cost-effective choice. You'll save time and money over the years, making composite decking a wise investment. Your deck will remain enjoyable without the time and expertise burden of constant upkeep.

Next Steps to Installing Composite Decking

The desire for a stunning, low-maintenance outdoor space was the initial challenge that led us to explore the world of composite decking. Traditional wood decks often create a demanding cycle of staining, sealing, and repairing, taking away from the joy of your outdoor haven.

In this article, we unveiled the advantages of this modern decking solution, showcasing how it can transform your outdoor space into a durable, attractive retreat with minimal maintenance requirements.

With over 15+ years of experience in creating outdoor paradises, we at Custom Built have a deep understanding of how outdoor spaces can be transformed into stunning, low-maintenance retreats.

Through our expertise, we've established that composite decking isn't just a trend; it's a transformative solution. With our guidance, you can embrace the advantages of composite decking, elevating your outdoor living experience and enhancing your property's overall value and appeal.

composite decking remodeling custom built deck builders michigan

Now that you know more about the benefits of composite decking, let’s explore what the first steps of Our Proven Process look like, how much your outdoor living space will cost, and how long it will take to build:

Michael Flory

Michael brings over 2 decades of building and remodeling experience to his position as the Owner and Visionary of Custom Built. Michael’s passion to make an impact on the home building industry has led him to serve for over ten years at the local and state Home Builders Association, culminating as President of the HBA of Michigan in 2020.