Top 9 Kitchen Remodel Questions You Need to Answer

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Learn the top 9 questions you need to answer before starting your project.

In our last post we discussed the importance of asking the right questions when remodeling your  kitchen. At Custom Built, we understand that every cook has their own unique requirements. For us, these are the most important factors to consider when planning the layout and design of your kitchen.

Here are 9 questions that can help to guide the process and create the optimal kitchen for your specific needs:

1. What kind of dishes do you prepare?

2. What special cookware do you own and use often?

3. What appliances need to be accessible every day? What items do you use infrequently?

4. What groceries do you always keep on hand?

5. Do you need space to store wine?

6. Do you prefer to prep food and clean dishes in the same or different spaces?

7. How many people cook at one time?

8. Do you also entertain in the kitchen or do guests sit/mingle somewhere else in the home?

9. Do you focus on baking, and if so, what special appliances do you require? (Keep in mind, chefs and bakers need different features in a kitchen.)


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