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An In-Home Design Consultation

At Custom Built Design and Remodeling we love what we do, and we are serious about taking care of our clients. In our pursuit of providing the best value to our clients over the last 15 years, we've developed and refined our process. This process offers a clear path and consistent results. As part of our process we offer an in-home design consultation. Paying the in-home design consultation fee is up to you and we recognize not every homeowner will or should schedule a consultation. Below we share when we offer it, why we offer it, and why we charge for it if you would like to go forward.

Why we offer an In-Home Design Consultation

First, we recognize, it may not make sense for you to pay for our services. Depending on your and your project’s needs you may be able to get what you need from other contractors who do not charge you for their services until you commit to construction. This is why we have posted information regarding how we do business at our web site. By doing so we hope we are saving you valuable time as you seek to compare what we do and how we do it to other remodelers you are considering.

We offer our in-home consultation to those who want and see a value in working with a professional design and remodeling team. Because we charge for this service, we are able to set aside the time needed by each of our trained staff to properly serve those remodeling customers who are willing to pay for it, and therefore should expect that professional level of attention and service. Also, by offering our in-home consultation, we will be able to offer you our professional opinions regarding your project, your ideas, products to consider, the practicality of your goals and budget, and answer other project related questions. We do all this so you can make confident and informed decisions about your project before you commit to next steps.


Why we charge you for an in-home consultation

There are two main reasons we charge to visit your home for a consultation:

Reason #1: Because we are recognized professionals

If you have reviewed the how we do business page at our web site you can see that our process is well thought out and involves many different members of our team. We consider each member of our team to be a professional and continually invest in their education and advancement. By inviting us out to your home we are assuming you are expecting a professional experience and professional advice. Like other professionals who invest in their profession we charge for this service.

Reason #2: It’s a fair way to do business

We also feel charging for this service is fair because the homeowners receiving the service are the ones actually paying for it. This is different than most contractors who do not charge for preconstruction services unless and until you actually buy from them. The reality to that business model is that only those who buy pay for it, and they may not even realize they are paying for those who do not buy.

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