Is Trex® the Right Material for Your Deck?

Decks, Remodeling, Remodeling Tips, decking, Trex

Today, more than ever before, the options for deck building materials are diverse. They include metals, woods, plastic, and..

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Components of Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

Budgeting, Kitchens, Remodeling

Kitchen remodel projects can range from a few changes to a full-blown demolition and construction. As a result, the costs..

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Kitchen Remodel Project Wrap Up - Your Final Frontier

Kitchens, Lansing, Remodeling

You’ve made it through 99 percent of your kitchen remodel and you cannot wait to get moved in and begin loving every inch of..

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How to Plan Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens, Remodeling, Remodeling Tips

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and your dream to make it as beautiful as it can be is about to come true. Now is the..

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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens, Remodeling

Admit it, like everyone, you take your kitchen for granted. It’s always there, sitting silently by just waiting for you to..

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