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Benefits of Pergola Installation - Your Greater Lansing Outdoor Living

February 22nd, 2018 | 1 min read

By Michael Flory

Pergola installed on an outdoor living space

Adding a pergola to your outdoor living, entertaining or recreational area is one of those things you don’t realize how much you will appreciate until you get the pleasure of using it. The truth is, if you have an outdoor space that lacks this type of covering, you are doing yourself an injustice. You are not going to be able to fully enjoy it until you have your pergola installed.

This is an innovative approach to covering outdoor locations intended for relaxation, without enclosing it completely. This is a method used for decks, patios, walkways and even hot tubs in order to create a sense of some type of roofing. It protects you from direct sunlight and offers privacy without the addition of a complete and traditional roofing system. As you can imagine, this begins to open up more possibilities to using your outdoor spaces then you previously had.

Other Things to Know

Pergolas are constructed of quality materials that are meant to withstand the elements – from rain to extreme sun exposure. You can choose from a variety of material options such as low-maintenance vinyl to weather-resistant hardwoods. Some other advantages of installing pergola include:

Weather Protection

Whether covered in climbing vines or standing alone, this adds a level of protection from the weather. While rain can still get through, it still offers a fair amount of protection and is especially essential for cutting down on the severity of sunlight in the summer. If you do encourage plant growth to fill in the gaps, you will eventually have a thick enough layer to be able to keep out even rain.

Enhance your garden and greens

Why restrict your garden growth to just the ground? With pergola you can encourage plants and vines to grow up the lattice work and overhead. Climbing plants can literally climb and intertwine themselves within the structure.

Block What’s Unsightly

Not every home has the luxury of having stunning and panoramic views. Adding pergola can help take the focus off of something that is unsightly and even help you to not see it. Change your views and even increase your property value with this addition.

Make Smart Choices

When you work with the team here at Custom Built for your Lansing pergolas you are going to be thrilled with the results. We take great pride in the work that we do and that shows in the high customer satisfaction rating we have earned. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you and let’s start making changes to your home and property.

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Michael Flory

Michael brings over 2 decades of building and remodeling experience to his position as the Owner and Visionary of Custom Built. Michael’s passion to make an impact on the home building industry has led him to serve for over ten years at the local and state Home Builders Association, culminating as President of the HBA of Michigan in 2020.