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What Happens Between the Agreement Signing Meeting and Construction with Custom Built?

December 16th, 2022 | 3 min read

By Michael Flory

Contractor and client working on project agreement signing meeting construction custom built michigan

You've just taken a significant step forward in your home transformation journey by signing your agreement with Custom Built. The excitement is palpable, but so are the questions and uncertainties accompanying this phase.

What happens next? How does your dream space become a tangible reality? When can construction begin? The anticipation of the construction phase is thrilling, but it can also be tinged with a touch of anxiety.

At Custom Built, we've been crafting exceptional spaces for over 15 years. We understand that the period between the Agreement Signing Meeting and the start of construction is a critical bridge. It's where plans become action, where the blueprint of your dream space takes shape in the real world.

In this comprehensive guide, we're here to demystify this crucial phase. We'll walk you through the steps between the Agreement Signing Meeting and the commencement of construction.

From material orders to permit applications, and project scheduling to contractor coordination, you'll gain a clear understanding of how your dream space transitions from concept to reality. So, let's embark on this journey together, ensuring that your vision for an exquisite living space comes to life seamlessly and beautifully:

Preparations for Construction

A lot happens behind the scenes while we prepare for construction.

Taking proper action before construction begins is crucial to having a well-organized and well-run construction project. Spending the proper time to prepare greatly reduces the chances of mistakes happening.

The following activities are taking place in preparation for construction:

  • Ordering the product selections you made during the design phase

    • Cabinets, countertops, flooring, deck boards, fixtures, etc.

  • Tracking and updating delivery dates for the various products required for your remodeling project

    • Expected delivery dates are a major determinant of your construction start date.

  • Purchasing the building materials required to build your project

    • Structural lumber, trim, electrical wiring, insulation, etc.

  • Submitting final construction plans to obtain building permits

  • Scheduling with trade partners required to complete your project

    • Plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, drywall installers, flooring specialists, countertop installers, painters, etc.

  • Managing the financial resources of your project

    • Paying for materials, managing invoices, and placing work orders, purchase orders, lien waivers, and sworn statements (for financed projects).

Factors that Influence the Time Between the Agreement Signing Meeting and Beginning of Construction

There are a variety of factors that influence the length of time between your Agreement Signing Meeting and the beginning of construction.

The most impactful factor is awaiting the delivery of all the product selections (cabinets, countertops, fixtures, etc). We will not begin construction until all the product selections needed for your project are in our possession.

Beginning demolition on your home without materials ready to install could leave you with a stalled renovation while we await delivery. This is a significant hardship that we work to avoid at all costs.

Product selections, of course, have a significant impact on the last material (estimated) arrival date. Typically, the more customized the product selections are, the longer it takes to produce and deliver those components. Conversely, more standardized components require less time to produce and deliver.

If you want the period between your Agreement Signing meeting and construction to be reduced, you can make the Project Development Advisor aware of this. They will advise you on the selections that are more readily available.

Expected Wait Times

Depending on the type of remodel you are going through, here’s what you can expect:

  • Kitchens: 12 - 16 weeks.

  • Decks: 8 - 12 weeks.

  • Bathrooms: 12 - 16 weeks.

  • Home Additions: 16 - 20 weeks.

Next Steps Once Construction Begins

Waiting for construction can be frustrating, especially if you’ve been waiting for weeks since your Agreement Signing Meeting. However, this waiting process is necessary. It’s the time for our team to put all the pieces in motion so you have a successful remodel. 

Now that you’ve read this article, you understand what happens during this time and what factors influence how long you can expect to wait.

Your Project Development Advisor will set up a communication cadence with you to provide updates on preparations and when we foresee construction beginning. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once these preparations are completed, construction of your remodel can begin! 

Before construction begins, we will have a pre-construction meeting at your home. Whether your project wait period was 4 or 15 weeks we’ve found the preconstruction meeting to be invaluable. It’s a time for everyone to get on the same page and talk through specific challenges that may occur on your project. 

To learn more, read about the pre-construction meeting that will take place.

We have been designing, building, and managing successful construction projects in Mid-Michigan for over 15+ years. We will ensure you have the best experience possible while your project is built. 

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Now that you’ve learned more about what to expect between your Agreement Signing Meeting and Construction with Custom Built, let’s explore Michigan permits and inspections typically involved in a remodeling project, who will be in your home during construction, and how to survive a kitchen remodel:

Michael Flory

Michael brings over 2 decades of building and remodeling experience to his position as the Owner and Visionary of Custom Built. Michael’s passion to make an impact on the home building industry has led him to serve for over ten years at the local and state Home Builders Association, culminating as President of the HBA of Michigan in 2020.