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Who Will be in my Home During a Home Remodel with Custom Built?

October 28th, 2022 | 4 min read

By Brian Taylor

Who will be in my home during a home remodel with Custom Built?

A question we often hear from clients is, “Who can I expect to be in my home during the construction of my home remodel?” 

As a remodeling contractor on the business side of this process, we want to let you know upfront about who you can expect to be in and out of your home during the construction of your remodeling project.

Having accurate expectations of the home improvement process will provide you with the best experience. In this article, you will learn who you can expect to see in your home during a remodeling project and what they will do.

Three Types of Professionals Who Will Be in Your Home During a Remodel

You can expect a variety of people in your house during a home remodel, including:

  • Construction crews
  • Certified, licensed, and insured trades-people
  • Building Inspectors

Depending on your specific project, some or all of these professionals may be used. With a stand-alone deck project, for example, you might only see inspectors, and direct Custom Built construction crews.

Custom Built only utilizes the services of people we trust and believe in their work. If we wouldn’t invite these people into our homes, we will not bring them into yours.

Custom Built Team

You can expect a variety of direct Custom Built staff to be in your home throughout your home remodeling project. Some of these people will be doing construction, others will be supervising the project, and others will be providing various support roles.

Construction crew member building a deck

Construction Team

Our carpenter crews will be doing the day-to-day construction of your remodel. They have training and experience in all aspects of construction, are kept up to date on all building codes, and care about the work they do. 

You can trust our construction crews to get your job done right and treat your home and family with respect while they are in your home.

Supervisory Team

Managing lead carpenters are in charge of construction crews and are the on-site supervisors who know and execute the details of your project plan. 

Project Managers are not on-site but may stop by your home. These professionals handle the high-level management of your project, Including

  • Purchasing and delivering the building materials
  • Hiring and coordinating the different trades so they’re on the same page
  • Acquiring correct building permits, and scheduling inspections
  • Making sure the work done is performed in the correct order
  • Doing all of this correctly for several ongoing projects

Custom Built Support Team

Throughout your project, you may encounter other Custom Built personnel in your home, including marketing personnel or your Project Development Advisor.

Marketing Personnel

Custom Built employs a full-time professional photographer/videographer who may come to your home and take pictures before, during, and/or after the completion of your project.

These pictures will be used for promotional or educational purposes.

Project Development Advisor

Throughout the design process of your home remodel, your Project Development Advisor will be working closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

At the beginning of construction, your Project Development Advisor will meet with you and the managing lead carpenter in your home for a pre-construction (pre-con) meeting to formally hand off the responsibilities of the project and get everyone on the same page.

The pre-con meeting allows you to ask any questions to the parties supervising your project before construction begins. You can expect construction to begin directly after this short meeting.

Once construction begins, your Project Development Advisor will still be available but will move into more of a support role. They may stop by around the midpoint of construction to make sure you are feeling satisfied with your experience.


Custom Built utilizes the services of several different trades contractors. These professionals are not direct Custom Built staff but work on behalf of Custom Built. Custom Built maintains responsibility for their work.

Custom Built has long-standing relationships with our trades contractors. We trust their ability to get your job done correctly while treating you and your home with respect.


Plumbers will be utilized during home remodel projects that require work such as rerouting pipes to a new location, replacing old plumbing, or adding a wet bar to your basement or deck.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels frequently require plumbing contractors in your home.


Electricians perform work in your home that involves the installation or replacement of electrical wiring and related electrical components. 

Depending on the scope of your project, electrical work can be extensive or minimal.

Building a new kitchen space will require much more extensive electrical work than installing a deck with no lighting fixtures. 

Entirely new wiring would need to be installed, electrical components wired to the house, appliances wired correctly, and common lights, switches, and plugs installed.


If your addition is a new deck or porch, you may also want to update the landscaping. Final landscaping is installed after the building of the exterior structure is completed.


If your project requires new paint for walls, trim, doors, or exterior, you can expect a painting contractor to be one of the final people to come through your home.


If we are building a home addition or replacing a roof for you, you can expect to see roofing contractors be part of the team of people around your home.

Drywall Installers

Drywallers install walls once the structural framing is completed and inspected. Painting often follows quickly after drywall installation.


The last people you can expect to see in your home during the construction process are licensed Building Inspectors. Inspectors work for the local governing authority to ensure that builders adhere to local codes.

Building inspector writing down on a notepad

The majority of building projects that Custom Built completes for homeowners require some form of permitting which in turn, requires a building inspection. 

An inspector will come by during the project to approve the various components of the project, such as plumbing and electrical, and then at the end of the project for a final inspection. 

Next steps to begin your home remodel

We hope that if you are concerned about who might be coming in and out of your home during your remodeling project, the Custom Built process highlighted in this article will put your mind at ease. 

Custom Built only uses the services of people we trust and respect. Remember: If we wouldn’t invite these people into our homes, we will not bring them into yours.

To inquire about using Custom Built as your home remodeling contractor or if you have questions about who you can expect to be in your home for your specific project, reach out to our sales team and they’ll be happy to discuss these issues with you.

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