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6 Tips to Avoid Issues When Making Product Selections for Your Home Remodel

Whether you’re planning a kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel, one of the most important steps in this process is product selection. With so much information out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed in the details. See our tips below for getting started on your selection journey!

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinetry

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinetry Choosing the right kitchen cabinetry may seem like a daunting task, considering how many options there are to choose from. However, if you focus on these key 5 traits, you will be able to zero in on the best options for your kitchen remodel project. So without further ado, here we go.

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Deck Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is important to keep your home looking its best. Here is a list of deck maintenance tips will ensure your outdoor deck continues to be a beautiful addition to your home year after year.

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Top 6 Signs You Need A New Deck (Instead of a Repair)

Top 6 Signs You Need A New Deck (Instead of a Repair) When it comes to an aging backyard deck, there are many factors to consider when deciding whether the existing issues can be fixed with by repairing it, or if it is simply time to start from scratch with a brand new deck.  This article will help you determine whether or not it is time to consider investin...

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The Custom Built Way - Our Proven Process for Remodeling Success

At Custom Built, we realize it’s not your responsibility to know everything about what goes into the construction process. That’s our job. However, we believe it’s our duty to leave you with a newly remodeled part of your home, as well as an in-depth understanding of what we are doing along the way. Our process is straightforward, and the scope of your perso...

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Pergolas, Gazebos and More Amazing Outdoor Structures

When designing a new deck and making the necessary landscaping changes to your yard, you may also want to consider adding an outdoor structure at the same time. Among the most popular are pergolas, gazebos and sunrooms. Although most of our modern day outdoor structures date back centuries they are more popular than ever because of their simplicity and effec...

July 2, 2022 by:

Deck Design Options: Everything You Need to Know

One of the common attributes Michiganders share is how much we appreciate summer. We fill every summer day and night to the brim because we know it’s just a brief respite from winter. One of the best ways to maximize your summertime enjoyment is by making the most of your outdoor living space with a deck.

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Deck Railings: Best Options for Style & Safety

A beautiful deck can be a simple platform, or it can be multiple levels with railings, staircases, and landings. Depending upon your tastes, you can make it look like an extension of your home, or maybe you prefer a distinctly different look that creates a new sense of place. Simple or not, however, the railings you choose can enhance and complete the look y...

July 2, 2022 by:

Deck Design Dreaming: Your New Deck Wish List

If you’ve been dreaming of summer days spent lounging, entertaining or barbecuing on your new deck, now’s the time to dig in and start planning your deck design. Whether your deck will be simple or elaborate, knowing what you want to include and where you want it located will help you and your designer create the deck of your dreams.

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Is Trex® Composite Decking the Right Material for Your Deck?

Today, more than ever before, the options for deck building materials are diverse. They include metals, woods, plastic, and a mixture of wood and plastic called composite decking. Historically, the most common deck building material was wood. But that’s changing.

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Top 5 Components of Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

Kitchen remodel projects can range from a few changes to a complete renovation or addition project. As a result, the costs will vary widely and are also dependent upon the specific choices you make about things like countertops — granite or not; cabinets — custom made or off-the shelf; and everything else you want in your new kitchen.

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How To Properly Finish-Up Your Kitchen Remodel Project

How To Properly Finish Your Kitchen Remodel Project You’ve made it through 99 percent of your kitchen remodel and you cannot wait to get moved in and begin loving every inch of it. But there are a few more very important steps in the process that need to be completed. These are the things that, if left undone, can make a stunning remodel mediocre, and leave ...

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How to Plan Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and your dream to make it as beautiful as it can be is about to come true. Now is the perfect time to organize your dreams and desires; what you want, what you need and everything in between. Since you and your family are the only ones who really understand exactly what you hope to achieve with your kitchen renovation, ...

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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Admit it, like everyone, you take your kitchen for granted. It’s always there, sitting silently by just waiting for you to make a meal, wash some dishes, make a pot of coffee, or just stand in front of the refrigerator wondering what you might like to munch on. No big deal right? Wrong! Your kitchen — even your old kitchen that needs a complete overhaul — is...

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Kitchen Remodel Timeline (12 Milestones to Keep You On-Track)

A kitchen remodeling project naturally will include many changes. Thus, the time needed to complete the project can vary considerably, depending on the breadth of the changes planned. In addition, some changes take more time than others, like demolition and reconstruction of walls compared to painting. Overall, however, you and your remodeler can develop a t...

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