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What Happens During a Step 4 Meeting with Custom Built?

Have a Step 4 meeting scheduled with Custom Built? Find out what happens during this meeting and what you can do to prepare for it.

Congratulations, you have arrived at the final step of the design phase! At this point in the remodeling process, you know what your final project is going to look like and how much your project is going to cost.

We share your eagerness to get started on the construction of your project. At the Step 4 meeting, you will accomplish several important things that will allow Custom Built to begin the final preparations for building.

Knowing what to expect during this meeting will promote you having the best possible experience. In this article, you will learn what happens at the Step 4 meeting, when construction will begin, and what you can do to streamline the process.

The Step 4 meeting

The Step 4 meeting is the fourth and final meeting of the design phase of the Custom Built process. 

Step 4 meetings are often short but important, and take place at our showroom in Okemos, MI. The date and time for this meeting is scheduled at the end of your Step 3 meeting.

The purpose of the Step 4 meeting is to review and sign the final construction plans, and to establish communication procedures.

What the Step 4 meeting will accomplish

There are several important tasks that must still be completed before construction can begin. We review these items with you so that you will have accurate expectations about the construction process. Tasks that make up the Step 4 meeting include:

Reviewing and signing final construction plans

Your final construction plans will line up with the scope of work and your final product selections, which were finalized during the Step 3 meeting.

These plans are a more detailed representation of your remodeling project than the original conceptual plan. They are usable by our trade partners and carpenters and are needed to obtain building permits.

Establishing communications procedures

At the Step 4 meeting, we will agree on:

  • How often communication will occur
  • Your preferred method of communication
  • When you will find out if we are coming on a specific day for construction

Preparing for the Step 4 meeting

We recommend the following to prepare:

  • Set aside 15 - 45 mins
  • Have all decision-makers present

Next steps after the Step 4 meeting

After the Step 4 meeting, the design process will be completed, and our team will begin working on the final steps before beginning construction: 

  • Purchasing building materials
  • Submitting construction documents to building department for permits
  • Preparing construction schedules based on delivery dates of building materials
  • Purchasing your product selections (kitchen cabinets, countertops, fixtures, etc)

The time it takes to complete these tasks varies from project to project, but typically construction begins when we receive the delivery date for the last arriving product selection.

For projects that are smaller in scope and size, you can expect construction to begin in as little as 8 weeks. For larger, more complex projects, you can expect to wait up to 20 weeks for construction.

This waiting period is important for a positive construction experience. We don’t want to leave your home in a mid-renovation state because the materials aren’t available to continue your project.

Throughout the design process, you have played a tremendous role in taking your vision and turning it into a reality. You should be extremely proud of the work you have done to get to this point!

You can rest assured that the preparation and construction of your project are in the hands of experts at Custom Built who have been remodeling homes in the Mid-Michigan area for 15+ years.

While we are getting ready for construction, we will be in communication with you about the status of preparations and about when we can begin. You can see what happens between the Step 4 and pre-construction meetings to learn what we're doing to prepare for your project.

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