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How to Keep Your Children Safe During a Home Remodel

July 21st, 2023 | 4 min read

By Josh Baynes

how to keep your children safe during a home remodel remodeling project with family

Dear Parents: Your future home remodeling project will guarantee the space of your dreams is completed and can be successfully done while keeping your kids safe at the same time.

Regarding your remodel, you must proactively provide a secure environment for your children. Ignoring safety precautions before or during your remodel could lead to serious injuries or long-term health issues for your children.

During our 15+ years of professional remodeling experience, we have built our clients’ dream remodels with the utmost care and safety in mind for them and their families.

In this article, we will explore valuable tips and precautions to keep your children safe during a remodel, allowing you to navigate the renovation journey with peace of mind:

1. Create a Kid Zone to Prevent Wandering and Accidents

To ensure your children's safety and well-being throughout a redesign, designating a kid zone is crucial.

This kid zone acts as a physical boundary that prevents your children from encountering potential construction hazards. Part of this boundary also involves direct supervision to make sure your children aren’t climbing over the barriers.

You can easily reduce the hazards and inconveniences caused by the redesign by setting up a kid zone. This will allow your kids to go about their everyday lives in peace.

To set up a kid's zone and ensure the safety of your children during a home remodel, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a designated area: Select a space in your home that is away from the construction zone and can be easily monitored. Ideally, it should be a room or area with a door that can be closed for added safety.
  2. Clear the space: Remove any furniture, decor, or objects that could harm your children. Create an open and clutter-free environment to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.
  3. Childproof the area: Install safety gates at the entrance to the kid's zone to prevent little ones from wandering into the construction area. Secure electrical outlets, cover sharp edges and use safety latches on cabinets to eliminate potential hazards.
  4. Provide entertainment and activities: Set up age-appropriate toys, books, games, and art supplies to keep your children engaged and entertained. Consider their interests and create a space where they can have fun and stay occupied.

2. Install Safety Barriers to Separate Kids from Your Remodel

zipwall plastic barriers for safe home remodeling project custom built michigan

PC: Zipwall

To keep the building area isolated from the rest of the house, if possible, make sure your contractor creates temporary safety barriers like plastic sheeting or temporary walls. As the previous section discusses, your ideal remodeler will take these precautions seriously.

This physical barrier will keep kids away from the area and dangerous materials like dust or paint fumes. By putting up safety barriers, you make a glaring visual separation that emphasizes how crucial it is for people to avoid the construction zone.

3. Inform and Educate Your Kids Before the Remodel Starts

Your children should be informed of the remodeling process's hazards. Warn them about avoiding using equipment, tools, and building supplies. Promote open dialogue so that kids feel free to share any worries or ask any inquiries.

For additional education and information, consider buying them a coloring book about home renovations or construction. This will teach them about the steps to a home build or remodel in a fun and engaging way.

If you educate your children, you encourage more awareness of their surroundings and actively participate in their safety. Additionally, welcome any questions or worries they might have about the remodel. 

4. Ensure Your Contractor Secures Tools and Construction Materials

While most contractors are vigilant about keeping their tools and construction materials secure during and after the build, it’s still important that your professional follows Michigan construction codes and shares your safety concerns. Look for a remodeler who keeps all construction supplies, sharp objects, and tools securely kept and out of children's reach.

Additionally, at the end of the work day, they should lock up power tools, put screws and nails in airtight containers, and dispose of dangerous materials correctly. This will keep the building site neat and organized to reduce the danger of accidents or accidental ingestion of nails, screws, and other small materials.

Realistically, all construction zones aren’t child-proofed while builders are working. While crews should maintain organization and safety on the job, it isn’t up to them to fully child-proof their working environment.

5. Schedule Construction Activities Strategically to Avoid Kids

Work with your contractor to plan construction activities when your kids aren't home or won't be impacted the most. This strategy reduces their exposure to the disturbances, noise, and dust of renovating.

If possible, plan significant building work when your kids are at school, daycare, practice, or rehearsal.

Depending on the situation, it can be wise to temporarily move your family somewhere else during the most disruptive parts of the redesign. These projects include: insulation replacement, flooring installation, and larger indoor projects like kitchen or bathroom remodels.

In fact, many of our clients plan large trips during their remodel so their families can stay safe and maintain their normal routines while on vacation.

Your kids can live in a safer, construction-free environment when staying with relatives or friends or renting a temporary residence.

6. Maintain Cleanliness Around Your Home

To protect your children from dust and debris-related health issues, discuss with your contractor what the job site clean-up routine looks like. This will make sure any safety issues are addressed upfront.

To stop the spread of toxins from the construction site, go the extra mile and dust and clean the rest of the house wherever necessary. Protect furniture and possessions from dust and dirt using coverings like drop cloths or plastic sheeting.

Remember, air circulation systems can disperse construction-related contaminants. So, include other rooms in your home in your cleaning routine. By prioritizing cleanliness, you create a healthier environment for your children and minimize potential respiratory issues or allergies.

For further cleanliness, encourage excellent hygiene habits, such as washing hands before meals and after being near a construction zone.

7. Communicate with Your Contractor About Safety Expectations

To ensure your children's safety while your home is being renovated, effective communication with your contractor is essential. Discuss your expectations for remodeling safety and any special precautions at the initial consultation. For example, you may request the use of non-toxic materials or the installation of additional safety features. 

Talk about safety precautions, including using dust barriers, safety gear, and regular cleanup schedules. A trustworthy and knowledgeable contractor will put safety first and work with you to create the best atmosphere for your family.

Most importantly, maintain an open line of communication throughout the remodeling process, regularly voicing any concerns or issues. Promptly address any safety-related matters with your contractor to maintain a safe and secure environment for your family.

Next steps to planning a safe and kid-friendly remodeling project

Remodeling your home is an exciting endeavor that requires air-tight safety protocols throughout the construction process - especially if children are present.

In this article, you have learned how to establish safe practices to keep your kids safe during your remodeling project.

While our tips may sound like common sense recommendations, not taking the right precautions before heading into your build could jeopardize the safety of your family.

Implementing these measures, parental supervision and vigilance will provide peace of mind and enable you to complete your remodel while keeping your children safe and secure.

At Custom Built, we have over 15+ years of experience constructing beautifully remodeled spaces in Mid-Michigan homes. In addition, we love sharing our expertise in construction so you can know what to expect and how to prepare for your remodeling process safely.

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