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What Happens During a Step 3 Meeting with Custom Built?

December 9th, 2022 | 3 min. read

By Michael Flory

Color palate chart with construction plans

We hope you had a fun and exciting experience during your Step 2 meeting with Custom Built. Viewing your project with our 3D rendering software gives you a tremendous sense of what your finished product will look like. 

Seeing your design gets you excited about getting started and we know the waiting between Step 2 and Step 3 meetings can be frustrating. But we’ve been busy estimating costs and preparing the final paperwork for your project during that time At the Step 3 meeting, we will bring this paperwork for your final approval and signatures. 

In this article, you will familiarize yourself with the documents you’ll be signing. You’ll be ready to move your project, with your signatures, to the next step in our process, ever closer to reality!

The Step 3 meeting

The Step 3 meeting is the third of four meetings that make up the design phase of the Custom Built process. Step 3 meetings also take place at our showroom in Okemos, MI. 

Step 3 meetings are scheduled at the end of your Step 2 meeting. While our production team is putting all of the numbers together for your final price, we will schedule a time to bring our trade partners through your home to assess the work they need to complete.

The approximate time between the Step 2 and Step 3 meetings is 2 - 3 weeks.

At the Step 3 meeting, you will finalize and sign multiple documents related to your remodeling project, and make an initial payment.

What the Step 3 meeting will accomplish

You will sign the following documents at the Step 3 meeting:

  • Scope of work
  • Material drop form
  • Final conceptual plans
  • Final product selections
  • Construction agreement

Final conceptual plans

The final conceptual plan is a finalized layout and design for your project. Once signed, this becomes the design that Custom Built will construct for you. 

We will use the conceptual plan to put together a final set of construction documents.

Final product selections

The final product selections document is an itemized list of products you have selected for your remodel. Depending on your project, this list might include:

  • Color of the walls
  • Style of light fixtures
  • Flooring type and color
  • Design of kitchen cabinets 
  • Color of your decking materials
  • Style of tile backsplash or shower
  • Plumbing fixtures, such as the sink and faucet

Construction agreement

The construction agreement provides the contracted price of your remodeling project, based on your finalized conceptual plan and selections. 

Additionally, this document includes the legal agreement between you and Custom Built, stating that we will provide you with the construction services for your project.

Scope of work

The scope of work is a written narrative that tells you both what is going to be done on your project, and what products are going to be used. This document is as thorough and detailed as possible to avoid any potential confusion.

Material drop form

While you’ve already made most of your decisions before this Step 3 meeting, our Material Drop form is a place for you to designate the day-to-day procedures at your job site.

As the homeowner, you make the final decisions about how the job site will run on a daily basis, including:

  • Restroom policy 
  • Home entry procedures
  • Plan to keep your pets safe
  • Building material delivery location
  • Parking policy for trailers and trucks

Preparing for the Step 3 meeting

We recommend the following to prepare:

  • Set aside 1 - 1 ½ hours
  • Have all decision-makers present
  • Think about how you want the job site to run
  • Bring a form of payment with you (payment will vary by project)

Next steps after the Step 3 meeting

At this stage of the remodeling process, your vision has been transformed into a wonderful new design for your home. We are confident you are already experiencing some of the joy and satisfaction you will have when it’s finished. 

Signing the final documents at your Step 3 meeting is the next step to making your vision a reality. After reading this article, you are now prepared to head into your Step 3 meeting with confidence.

Custom Built has expertise in designing and remodeling home projects in the Mid-Michigan area. You can leave your Step 3 meeting trusting that you and your vision are in good hands.

Now that your project documents are signed, Custom Built will begin putting together final construction plans for you to view and sign at your Step 4 meeting, which we will schedule at the end of your Step 3 meeting.

To learn about the upcoming meeting, here is What happens during the Step 4 meeting with Custom Built?

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